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Newsadoo, a service of Newsadoo GmbH, registered under FN 464128t, with its registered office in Linz and the business address Lastenstraße 36, 4020 Linz, represented by the managing director David Böhm, born on 16.04.1984, is a media news ecosystem under the domain (and other extensions) (hereinafter referred to as "Newsadoo").


Newsadoo is a European initiative for the creation of a secure and functioning digital news market in the interest of European publishers and quality media. Based on the latest technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the Newsadoo-ecosystem makes daily digital news consumption so interesting that users are prepared to pay monthly for the service and high-quality content. At the same time, the concentration of behavioral data within the system creates the basis for a target-oriented advertising platform that enables European publishers to offer advertising products that are comparable or competitive with those of American Internet companies, and to significantly increase advertising revenues.


Newsadoo is committed to the values followed by European quality media and thus supports in particular media and their interest in securing these values in Europe in digital channels in the future. These values include the independence and objectivity of reporting, freedom of the press with the principles of free reporting, accuracy in the research and reproduction of content, protection of personality and protection against discrimination. Media that show sustained disregard for these values and deliberately create a false picture of reality will not be included in the European ecosystem to ensure quality and maintain European standards, or will be excluded if there is proven, repeated disregard.


By agreeing to these terms of use, the publisher grants Newsadoo permission to access, store, automatically analyse the editorial content of the web pages submitted in the form and operated by the publisher, and subsequently to display headlines, preview images and preview texts to users for the purpose of linking to the publisher's website. The purpose of this consent is that Newsadoo brings additional, qualitative traffic to the publisher's website.


The partnership does not transfer to Newsadoo its own exploitation rights to the content, all rights remain with the publisher, Newsadoo does not receive its own rights of any kind to the content itself, but only the order and the non-exclusive permission, revocable at any time by the publisher, to place these parts of the content within Newsadoo or the Newsadoo news ecosystem in the publisher's interest. Each article preview is provided with the publisher's imprint.


The publisher assures to be the author of the transmitted or provided content and/or to have the right to publish it. The publisher indemnifies and holds Newsadoo harmless from and against any and all claims by third parties in connection with the content provided by the publisher. Publisher acknowledges that the ranking and thus the display of the Content is based on mathematical models and algorithms of a self-learning system. Ranking and thus more frequent display can only be achieved by the Publisher optimising the content in terms of content and appearance for target groups (completeness, good image selection, good structure, exciting content, topicality, etc.). Influencing the ranking is only possible by optimizing the content and strengthening the brand. There is no possibility to directly influence the system. The publisher also assures not to take any unfair measures to gain advantages for his own content.


It is agreed that the provision of services shall not give rise to any mutual claim for remuneration against the other cooperation partner. The partnership is unlimited until revoked and can be terminated by either party by written notice to the end of the month.


Newsadoo expressly points out that the form of displaying content via backlinks is only one, specifically the simplest form of content integration in Newsadoo. It is intended that in the future the publisher will switch to other forms in which the content is displayed completely within Newsadoo and that the publisher will receive revenue shares from the marketing of the content. In this regard, the publisher agrees that Newsadoo may contact the publisher and process the personal information to discuss expanding the relationship.


The Publisher expressly confirms that it has read these Terms and Conditions of Use and hereby consents to them through an authorized representative.

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