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"Great people, an exciting project – it simply was a fit."

Alexander Sandberg came to Austria from northern Sweden for Newsadoo. At first, only to work together with the Linz-based start-up for his master thesis. Now, as Head of Product Experience, he ensures an extraordinary digital news reading experience. A report about his experiences:

How did you hear about Newsadoo?

I saw the Newsadoo listing on Angellist and looked at the open positions. After that I immediately applied for a job.

And why Newsadoo?

Because the idea has a lot of potential. Just like the team. Different people with different talents and perspectives work together. Great people, an exciting project - it simply was a fit. And work's always exciting, after all, we're working on a solution that will revolutionize news reading for the long term.

What are you currently working on? Has your position changed since you joined Newsadoo?

Initially, I was a front-end developer, designing and developing an administrative platform for Newsadoo. After that I took over the app development. There I worked to improve the app and implement new features. Now I am Head of Product Experience. That means: Ensuring the best experience for the users. It's a challenging and exciting job where my background in product design is very beneficial.

What do you like most about your work at Newsadoo?

The people - whether it's on video calls or in the office, we always have a good time together. Also, the challenges we face as a company always make the work exciting and varied. We compete against Facebook and Google with our European product - that's quite a challenge. But that's also where I see the growth potential that every employee at Newsadoo has: You can further develop your skills, learn new things and work closely with the other departments to improve our service.

And Austria? What's it like coming from Sweden?

The move was quite easy and I have always wanted to work in another country. Austria is great and Linz is the ideal location for me.

You also want to work in an international team? At Newsadoo we are always looking for exceptional talents and out of the box thinkers. Apply now with an e-mail to office@newsadoo.com!

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